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Een voorbeeld van links naar je site maximaal 100.000 rijen, verkregen via de volledige reeks links die bekend is bij Google. Dit is handig als je meer dan 100.000 pagina's' hebt die een link naar je site bevatten, omdat bepaalde gegevens wegens lengtelimieten ingekort worden weergegeven in het via Nieuwste links verkregen bestand. Pagina's' met één tabel. Pagina's' met één tabel bieden een downloadknop waarmee je de volledige tabel maximaal 1000 rijen kunt exporteren. De sortering van de tabel heeft geen invloed op de geëxporteerde gegevens. Was dit nuttig? Hoe kunnen we dit verbeteren? Alle rapporten en tools.
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A/B Testing Calculator. AI Rewriting Tool. AI Sentence Rewriter. AI Paragraph Rewriter. Website Traffic Checker. Open Graph Generator. Find out who links to you and your competition with our free backlink checker. Use it to build links and boost your rankings. Submit Backlink Overview. Do you have more links than your competition or does your competition have more links than you? Backlinks shows you the number of links pointing to any domain or URL. From total link count, to edu and gov links to even the exact number of unique referring domains. Imagine being able to find new link building opportunities in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is put in your competitors URL. Backlinks shows you everyone who is linking to your competition and isnt linking to you. You can easily find new opportunities that will help you boost your rankings. Advanced Link Filtering. Backlinks provides advanced filters that make it easy to identify the best link opportunities for you.
How to Get Backlinks: The Definitive Link Building Guide 2023.
Jerry Alumka on September 6, 2021. As a new blogger I find this post very helpful, your blog has been a great resource for me. Thank you for the effort youve put in to help people with great in-depth content. william thiek on January 14, 2022. I couldnt switch my eyes away when I read BlogTyrant article. It does the some again today even though I was hurried to go somewhere Thanks for providing such valuable insights. Jamie Royld on June 21, 2022. Thanks for sharing the tips. But how about adding tools that help create backlinks and make the work even easier? Theres a tool called Postifluence, It builds you fresh backlinks 24/7 to maximise your reach-out inboxing and an in-built follow-up system that will work all by itself to get you the traffic and do-follow link. Adding this can be beneficial. Free Ebook Guide. Ultimate Blogging Toolkit Bonuses. Join our 30,000, email subscribers for blog updates and get instant access to a 10,000-word, guide on how to start a blog and build a sustainable business using keyword research, Google traffic, and a lot of tested strategies.
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Moz was the first remains the most trusted SEO company. Explore how Moz drives ROI with a proven track record of success. Get the scoop on the latest and greatest from Moz. New Feature: Moz Pro Surface actionable competitive intel. Moz Local Dashboard. Mozscape API Dashboard. Meet our newest Moz metric, Brand Authority! Meet Link Explorer. The world's' best backlink checker with over 40 trillion links. Link Explorer Get free link data. How it works. Enter the URL of the website or page you want to get link data for. Create a Moz account to access Link Explorer and other free SEO tools. We send a notification to verify your email - help us keep the robots out. Get a comprehensive analysis for the URL you entered, plus much more! The same tools and more that Open Site Explorer provided - powered by a completely new, fresh, and robust live link index. Get complete link metrics for any website, including Page Authority and Domain Authority. See the links to any site. Understand why your page or your website is ranking where it is in search results by reviewing and monitoring inbound links. Research competitor backlinks.
What Are Backlinks in SEO? Everything You Need to Know.
What makes a good backlink? Not all backlinks are created equal. Here are some of the many attributes that contribute to a backlinks quality and utility. You can use them to analyze your backlinks and link building opportunities.: Lets look at them in more detail. Backlinks from strong webpages usually transfer more authority than weak ones. Weve studied page-level authority a few times, and weve found a clear relationship between it and organic traffic. URL Rating UR is Ahrefs page-level authority metric.
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Use these to navigate around your workspace as an alternative to hierarchical pages and sub-pages. Backlinks are created automatically! Anytime you -mention a page, a backlink will be added to the page you linked. Backlinks are always hidden by default. To show backlinks on a page, click the backlinks button under the page title or below the page properties of a database page. You will only see backlinks to pages that you have access to - other people won't' see backlinks to your private pages. Backlinks to pages that are only visible to you will have a Private badge to the right. Tip: On a project page, backlinks help you discover all the scattered notes docs where the project was -mentioned. They also help to create automatic lists of related content on wiki pages.
Good Backlinks Vs. Bad Backlinks: Deciphering The Two.
But like everything else, SEO specialists caught on and started gaming the algorithm by building hundreds of exact-match backlinks, whether or not it was good for the user experience and in most cases, it wasnt. In fact, one of the primary reasons Google launched their Penguin Update mentioned earlier was to combat spammy anchor text. Fast forward to 2021, and where does Google stand with anchor text? Do they still use anchor text when ranking websites? From Googles SEO Starter Guide.: the better your anchor text is, the easier it is for users to navigate and for Google to understand what the page youre linking to is about. With appropriate anchor text, users and search engines can easily understand what the linked pages contain.
Backlinks Monitoring 101: Tools, Tips, Dos Donts Brand24.
Its an excellent tool for SEOs that want to have a little bit more flexible plan and dont want to be billed the same amount monthly. Although Brand24 isnt really a tool to monitor backlinks, it can be used to boost your link building efforts. Heres how you can use our solution for a link building campaign.
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This is also the case if you have a high proportion of exact-match link texts, if the number of links is growing very rapidly over a short period of time, or if theres a high proportion of low-quality links. You can find more link-building tips in our guide on how to build high-quality backlinks. Uncover new link building opportunities to increase your traffic. The Seobility Backlink Checker lets you analyze both your own backlinks and those of your competitors. In this way, you can identify new link-building opportunities with ease. Just enter your competitors domain to get a quick overview of all websites that link to your competitors site. The results can give you an indication of your competitor's' link-building strategies, and you also get a list of websites you can contact yourself. Link opens in a new window. All-In-One SEO Software and Tools for website optimization and top rankings on Google. Keyword Research Tool.
34 Inbound Link Building Strategies to Help Your Site Rank Higher.
Guest blogging is a great way to both promote your expertise and earn quality white-hat links. Don't' know whom to write for? Most media outlets allow people to submit original articles on topics relevant to their readership. You should start, however, with publications directly in your niche. If youre a branding agency, you might inquire with branding publications. Curate and publish helpful resource lists. Resource lists are both great link bait and helpful content for your readers. If you create a comprehensive resource list, it'll' be easy for other bloggers to link to it in their own posts instead of rehashing and curating all that content themselves. To give you an idea of what one might look like, here's' an example of a list of resources we curated for beginner SEOs. Do expert roundups to build relationships. Expert roundups can be a great tool for building relationships with influencers. While these roundups may not get you a lot of inbound links or leads right away, building relationships with influencers will help you get solid backlinks from authoritative sources down the line.
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Now, taking a supplement is not bad for you, provided that you take it regularly and only as needed. However, if you take a lot of supplements or, as the case may be, build a lot of paid backlinks on a new site thinking it will boost ranking, you may do more harm than good. Similarly, if you build paid links for a few months and then stop, your site will tank soon enough. The reason for this is not just negative SEO, but Googles hate towards paid links. Buying links will not only cause penalties, but it could also get your site de-crawled from Google. Back to the working out analogy, some would say that you dont necessarily need to supplement your body with sketchy supplements. The same goes for your site, and a natural, organic backlink is the way to go as opposed to a paid one.
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After reading this how-to section youll understand how integral backlinks are to your websites rankings and how to obtain a few without having to put in hours of blog outreach. The HOTHs FREE Backlink Checker Tool is one of the easiest ways to conduct link research on your competitors and discover what you can do to boost your sites SEO. This tool appears pretty simple at first but the secret is knowing what each of the results means. Start off by making a list of all your competitors. Make a diverse list that includes the URLs for businesses of all sizes that sell many of the same products or services as you. Then, you will check the backlinks of each website to find out how their link building is different from yours. Heres an example below. The URL goes on the left side and beside it is a dropdown menu where you can specify whether you want a report on the entire domain, specific subdomains, or the exact URL. What you choose all depends on your needs and strategy. Once you click View Backlinks Report, the tool will generate a list of dozens of backlinks to the URL you entered.

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