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Improve SEO of your website with Laravel Meta Manager.
Laravel Meta Manager is an SEO tool that is used to improve the SEO of a website or specific page by adding recommended meta tags to your application. These are the following features of this package. Standard Meta Tags. Facebook OpenGraph Meta Tags. Twitter Card Meta Tags. Dublin Core Meta Tags. You have to run this command to install this package via composer. composer require davmixcool/laravel-meta-manager. Laravel 5.5 uses Package Auto-Discovery, so doesn't' require you to manually add the ServiceProvider. After the installation, the next thing you have to do is insert the service provider within config/app.php. After that you have to run this command to get the config of Laravel Meta Manager. php artisan vendor publish: -provider Davmixcool MetaManager MetaServiceProvider" Configuration. You can set up the default application meta in the meta.php config file.
GitHub - butschster/LaravelMetaTags: The most powerful and extendable tools for managing SEO Meta Tags in your Laravel project.
Using with inertiajs or vue-meta. You can easily convert Meta object to array ant the use values in your Js project. $ meta Meta: setTitle Laravel - setDescription Awesome page - setKeywords php, laravel, dd; $ meta - toArray head tag title, content Laravel, name description, content Awesome page, type tag, tag meta, name keywords, content php, laravel, type tag, tag meta., Example for inertiaJs. use Inertia Inertia; use Butschster Head MetaTags MetaInterface; use Butschster Head Hydrator VueMetaHydrator; class EventsController extends Controller protected $ meta; public function __contruct MetaInterface $ meta $ this - meta $ meta; public function show Event $ event, VueMetaHydrator $ hydrator $ this - meta - setTitle Laravel - setDescription Awesome page - setKeywords php, laravel, return Inertia: render Event/Show, event $ event - only id, title, start_date, description this.$page.props.meta. meta $ hydrator - hydrate $ this - meta. The most powerful and extendable tools for managing SEO Meta Tags in your Laravel project. php package helper laravel meta seo seo-meta opengraph meta-tags seo-tags metas.
Dynamic SEO meta-tags in Laravel website Seo, Keyword planner, Seo techniques.
Nutzer von Geräten mit Touchscreen können die Ergebnisse durch Antippen oder mit Streichgesten durchsuchen. Dynamic SEO meta-tags in Laravel website. In this post I'll' show you step by step process for generating dynamic SEO meta tags in your Laravel website from scratch without using any packages.
How to set title and meta tags? - Help - Livewire Forum.
For my web app, I would like to set the title tag of the page, so that users can see the current state in the tab. Also, would be ideal if I could also set meta tags, so that I could set things like preloading of assets, meta description etc.
SEO en Laravel Mejora tu aplicación de esta forma.
Vamos a utilizar esta librería para añadirles a las vistas de nuestra página los meta tags necesarios para los buscadores y redes sociales. Instalando y configurando SEOTools. Instalaremos mediante composer nuestra librería de seo para laravel.: composer require artesaos/seotools. Nos dirigimos al archivo config/app.php para añadir el provider y su facade. providers Artesaos SEOTools Providers SEOToolsServiceProvider class, aliases SEO Artesaos SEOTools Facades SEOTools class.,
SEO Manager Package for Laravel Framework.
Learning Laravel Toggle navigation - - -. SEO Manager Package for Laravel Framework. 4 years ago. Sergey Karakhanyan shows us how to use the SEO manager package for Laravel to manage all your pages metadata separately and get dynamically changing content. GET FREE PROGRAMMING COURSES. Get helpful Laravel tutorials freebies into your inbox. This post is submitted by our members. Submit a new post. Topics: PHP Laravel. Tags: Tutorials Laravel 5.7 Laravel 5. Free online courses with certificates in 2022. Collect and manage user's' feedback easily with Userwell and Laravel. Retrieve instant information for any country with Laravel or Node.js.
Multi language meta tags with Blade Discord. Slack.
We couldnt find anything with that term. Please try again. Forum Multi language meta tags with Blade. sponsored Haven't' tried PhpStorm yet? Get a special discount on PhpStorm Laravel plugin bundle -. posted 9 years ago. Last updated 1 year ago.
A quick and easy guide to meta tags in SEO - Search Engine Watch.
This places the emphasis on the right URL and prevents the others from cannibalizing your SEO. A canonical tag can look like this in HTML.: link rel canonical" href http // Takeaway: Use canonical tags to avoid having problems with duplicate content that may affect your rankings. Header tag h1, h2, h3, etc. Header tags are part of your content in; short, they are the headings that you use to structure your page. As well asimproving user experience and ease of reading, header tags can also help search engines in understanding what your content is about. The order of your header tags from h1 to h6 highlights the importance of each section. A h1 tag typically denotes the page title or article headline, while h2 and below serve as subheadings to break up your content. As important as header tags are, you shouldnt overuse them - think quality, not quantity. Having five different types of heading on your page wont help your SEO. Instead, use them tactically to break up your content and introduce the main point of each section. Heres an example of how header tags can be arranged, taken from this article.: h1A quick and easy guide to meta tags in SEO/h1.
Laravel SEO tools - Lavalite.
Some common SEO tools areBing Webmaster Tools, Data Studio, Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations Mozcast, etc. Now lets see what are the SEO tools for Laravel. The most popularSEO plug-in for Laravel 5.8 and Lumen is artesaos/seotools which is availableon github. Install the package using composer.composer requireartesaos/seotools. You need to update the application configuration inconfig/app.php file to register the package so that it can be loaded byLaravel. Add the below lines of code to provider section. Now to use the SEO Meta facades set up a short-versionaliases like the below given lines toyour config/app.php file. Publish the config using command. php artisan vendor publish.: php artisan vendor publish: -provider Artesaos SEOTools Providers SEOToolsServiceProvider." Now its time to use the SEO tool in your application.
SEO Most Important Meta Tags Tutorial.
SEO Friendly Lazy Loading of Images Example. SEO Most Important Meta Tags Tutorial. Sublime Text Editor. How to Edit PDF File in Laravel? How to Create and uses Laravel Macro Example Tutorial? How to get Random Records in Laravel? Laravel Dynamic Dependent Dropdown using Ajax Example.
Title meta - Inertia.js. GitHub. Twitter. Discord. GitHub. Twitter. Discord.
Vue 2 Vue 3 React Svelte. Layout.vue import Head from inertiajs/vue3 Head title My app title meta head-key" description" name" description" content" This is the default description" link rel" icon" type" image/svgxml" href" favicon.svg" Head About.vue import Head from inertiajs/vue3 Head title About - My app title meta head-key" description" name" description" content" This is a page specific description" Head.
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